Coffee courses forged by field experience and adapted specifically for the home enthusiasts.

After years of field experience, we are proud to offer coffee courses and workshops developed specifically for enthusiasts of all levels! Whether you are simply looking to expand your knowledge or are new to the world of specialty coffee, we are here to support you.

Master the basics of espresso with our Home Barista course, develop your know-how around brewing methods with our Home Brewing course or impress your friends with your milk drinks with our Latte Art course! If you want to discover the world of specialty coffee, you can join our introduction course and understand the main nuances around this product.

Our aim is to ensure a digestible and pragmatic learning experience during our courses and workshops, that you have acquired new knowledge and are happy and confident in your abilities

start from the origin and return to the cup

Introduction to Specialty Coffee

This course is ideal for anyone new to the world of specialty coffee. This involves reviewing and understanding key concepts including: terroir, quality, post-harvest processing methods and roasting. Cupping and a Q&A to end the course.

Duration: 2h
Price: 120CHF

Make espresso at home

Home Barista

Whether you already have a machine at home or are thinking of buying one, making delicious espressos at home will no longer have any secrets for you with this course, at the end of which you will understand the parameters of coffee extraction and will know how to bring in milk.

Duration: 2h30
Price: 170CHF

master brewing methods

Home Brewing

Learn the best techniques for brewing filter at home! Experiments throughout the course to understand each variable and compose your own recipe.

Duration: 2h30
Price: 170CHF

impress with your designs

Latte Art

Learn how to make perfect milk froth and the designs that go with it and impress yourself and your loved ones in this hands-on latte art class!

Duration: 2h
Price: 140CHF

choose tailor-made

Private coaching

If you want to learn something specific based on your skills and prior knowledge, this option is optimal for you. Here we create a tailor-made program to perfectly meet your needs!

Price per hour: 120CHF

live a team experience

Workshops and Team Building

Want to share your interest in coffee with your colleagues? Our workshops are a fun and interactive way to discover this world and spend time together for a company outing or end-of-year activity.

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