At Vaga Bon Café our intention is to challenge, to redefine the codes and expectations in terms of coffee.

Coffee is our language. We like coffees with character. Those that really stand out on the cupping table, that have a special story and that make us want to share them with you. We work on our product on a daily basis: selection of the next origins, development, testing and validation of roasting profiles, preparation of our coffees behind the bar, at each stage we focus on the small details that make the difference while constantly asking ourselves how make our coffee even better.

quality at the center


One thing is certain when it comes to specialty coffee: the final product in your cup will never be better than the raw material used. It is for this reason that the sourcing of green coffee occupies a primordial place in our activity. Each year we focus on a few origins from which we choose several different batches.
There are 2 basic principles with which you never compromise when buying green coffee: freshness and aromatic profile. We taste samples throughout the year and as often as possible, until we find that rare gem. We mainly select micro-lots with a grading between 86 and 90 SCA points, rarely higher and almost never lower.

the heart of our business


Roasting is at the heart of our activity. We approach it in a modern and precise way. Each lot of coffee we select is different. Altitude, density, post-harvest processing and variety are just a few factors among many that define the character of a coffee. For each new coffee, we develop a specific and above all light roasting profile which allows the organic characteristics of the coffee to shine without obscuring them by roasting. All batches that leave the machine must pass rigorous quality control. This allows us to ensure the validity of the roasting profile and guarantee optimal quality once the coffee is canned.

Roaster's favorites