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Ecuador Filter El Alisal Cup of Excellence

Ecuador Filter El Alisal Cup of Excellence

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Ecuador 2023 Cup of Excellence 9th Place
Best for:
filter, french press, aeropress
Our pick: Origami Air
Tastes like: banana, blueberry, vanilla
Weight 200g.

  • Origin: Ecuador
  • Region: Loja
  • Farm/Coop/Mill: El Alisal
  • Producer: Leonidas Jaramillo Granda
  • Variety: Typica
  • Process: Anaerobic Washed
  • Altitude: 2000masl

The story

Ecuador is a rther new origin for us and the country is quickly becoming one of our favorites.
This year we had the chance to get our hands on several high quality nanolots including the 9th place in the Cup of Excellence 2023 grown by Leonidas over at Finca El Alisal in the Loja region.
The main objective at Finca El Alisal is to grow and offer the very essence of the terroir with particular care to the environment. It is by applying advanced post-harvest processing techniques that Leonidas and his team are able to preserve the health of their trees and offer impressive aromatic profiles in the cup.
The cherries are harvested and sorted by hand. They are then placed in tanks for 48 hours for an initial fermentation. Then, once pulped, they return to the fermentation tank for about 10 days. Once a pH of 4 is reached, the cherries are rinsed and placed on raised beds for 2 days for a pre-drying phase. The final phase is controlled drying until a humidity level of 11% is reached.
In the cup, the profile is very distinctive. We appreciate the beautiful texture and long aftertaste and its notes of bananas, blueberries and vanilla. Already a classic.

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