Want to elevate your coffee experience?

A recurring feedback from our customers: most of the coffees served in HORECA or at the office are rather ordinary and rarely leave a lasting memory. Your competitive advantage in all of this is that it is not complicated to do better.

Active in the field of specialty coffee for several years, we can put our expertise, our know-how and our experience at the service of your project.

Your one-stop shop for coffee

Coffee beans

We work exclusively with green coffees from the latest harvest and of superior quality, traceable from plant to cup and roasted in a modern way, so as to accentuate their natural characteristics.

Professional equipment

Our equipment offering is based on our experience and proven in the field. As distributors of Sanremo, Mazzer and BWT, we offer a complete machine, grinder and water filtration solution.

Training and consulting

Having trained staff, a well-organized bar and efficient workflows will save you time and resources. We are here to help you:

  • Professional training for your staff
  • Designing your card
  • Layout of your bar
  • Work and optimization of your workflows
  • Positioning aid

Tell us about your project here!